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  • December 1, 2016, 2-4 pm: Medieval Studies at Illinois and Stockholm University: A Collaboration, Kurt Villads Jensen, Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre, Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, Alexandra Petrulevich, SU, Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 Foreign Languages Building

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Funding Opportunities from INSPIRE

Download the application form.

Request for Proposals

The Illinois Strategic International Partnerships (ISIP) initiative, and its pilot project INSPIRE (Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational and Research Exchange) invite proposals from current faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for funding in support of collaborative research projects and/or cooperative educational programs that will strengthen our existing partnerships with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and/or Karolinska Institutet.

This INSPIRE project focuses on a series of strategic goals set forth in the Letter of Intent to Form an Alliance of Higher Education and Research Institutions, signed by the chief executive officers of the University of Illinois, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Stockholm University during the INSPIRE Alliance Leadership Summit held on the Urbana-Champaign campus in late April 2012. These goals are broadly divided according to primary institutional missions:

  • Education—increase student mobility between Illinois and Stockholm; implement structured curricular pathways and designate course equivalencies to integrate study abroad experiences into undergraduate and graduate degree programs; co-develop new curricula; co-teach courses; propose joint or dual degree programs
  • Research—foster novel multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to complex issues and problems with global ramifications; develop sustained collaborative research agendas involving faculty from each of the institutions and from a variety of disciplines
  • Public Service—identify a particular site in the developing world and target that site for a sustained, high impact development project that will improve economic and societal conditions of the local population. Shared development activities targeted at the selected site may include translational research, applied service projects and student volunteerism opportunities in areas such as public health, nutrition, higher education capacity building, energy and information technology infrastructures, clean water supply, and sustainable development
  • Economic Development— foster economic development in the state of Illinois and the greater Stockholm region by facilitating connections between corporate partners based in the two regions; contribute to enhanced innovation and efficiencies in public administration of the two regions, by providing a conduit for the exchange of expertise and best practices to address common issues and challenges;

In consideration of these strategic goals, the current call for proposals will prioritize collaborations with strong potential for sustainability, broad institutional impact, and direct contribution to the goals articulated in the Letter of Intent. In particular, proposals engaging teams of participants from among the INSPIRE partner institutions in joint projects focused on or deploying in Africa will be given priority consideration. However, proposals for initiation grants to foster new collaborative linkages will still be considered for support.

Support in the form of financial and/or staff support resources may be requested.

Priority will be given to proposals that

  • are based on existing, well-established relationships and engagement with colleagues at one or more of the partnering Swedish institutions. Each proposed project should have at least two co-principal investigators, one (or more) from Illinois and one (or more) from the partnering Swedish institution(s). Co-PIs will typically apply for in-kind support from their home institutions’ central international offices in conjunction with the application to ISIP/INSPIRE.
  • have specific, articulated and demonstrable goals and outcomes. These may take a variety of forms, including, but not limited to, jointly authored papers in high impact academic publications, joint presentations at scholarly meetings and conferences, joint research symposia, co-developed and/or co-taught classes, jointly developed curricula, structured cooperative study abroad experiences, joint public engagement and service activities, etc.
  • are endorsed and supported by the Illinois PI’s home department and college, with some unit or college level commitment of financial or staff resources.
  • demonstrate the potential to be ongoing and self-sustaining through external funding, student program fees, or other sources, and articulate plans to achieve this level of sustainability.
  • involve participation by Illinois graduate and/or undergraduate students, preferably in ways that will be directly applicable towards participating students’ progress towards attaining their Illinois degrees.

NOTE: Priority will be given to proposals that are coordinated with applications by the Swedish co-PIs to their respective institutions. Colleagues at Stockholm University should be advised to contact Elisabet Idermark, Senior Advisor for International Affairs (elisabet.idermark@su.se). Colleagues at KTH Royal Institute of Technology should be encouraged to contact Professor Stefan Östlund, Dean of Electrical Engineering (stefan.ostlund@ee.kth.se). Colleagues at the Karolinska Institut should be encouraged to contact Monika Berge, International Coordinator, International Relations Unit (monika.berge@ki.se).

Applications should be submitted to the office of Illinois Strategic International Partnerships (ISIP), and should include:

  • A completed ISIP application form (download here).
  • A projected project timeline of activities and budget of anticipated expenditures.
  • A letter of support and commitment by the relevant department head and/or disciplinary college at Illinois.
  • A letter of support and endorsement by the co-principal investigator(s) at the partnering Swedish institution(s).
  • A letter of support and commitment by the central international offices and/or INSPIRE liaison at the partnering Swedish institution(s).

Application materials should be submitted to:

Director, Illinois Strategic International Partnerships (ISIP)
507 East Green Street, Suite 401
M/C 417
Champaign, IL 61820
Tel: (217) 333-1990
Fax: (217) 265-0810
email: tebarnes@illinois.edu

Deadline for applications:

October 31, 2014